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Cat Update: They Gutted Him Like A Fish! (Or How My Snoring Nearly Killed My Cat)

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Azores Hi


On our way back from holiday in the south of France I got a phone call from my neighbour, she had kindly agreed to look after our cat whilst we joined the rich and famous in St Tropez.
Her first words to be in that phone call were "Don't panic"
Now anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not one to panic, and anyone who knows my cat, knows that to receive a phone call regarding aformentioned feline with the words "don't panic" at the front of it is hardly surprising.
Avid readers of my blog (you poor chosen few) will recall that 2 years ago, whilst on a similar trip to France, he escaped from the in-laws and disappeared for 4 weeks!
So, as I said, "don't panic" was not wholly unexpected, nor was what followed.

"He's ok, but he had to have a bit of surgery"

It transpired that he had eaten a little cork, or similar object which having travelled the entire length of his small intestine decided to stop there and go no further. The feline equivilent of severe constipation followed and he was dutifully taken to the local vet by my neighbour.
I quick xray and he was off to emergency surgery to remove it!

Now, it seems that the Xrays were delivered to the surgeon on a CD and his computer couldn't open them (modern technology eh?). With time pressing he apparently said.
"Stuff it, I'll just do a full laparotomy and have a good rummage"
So, to cut a long story short, they gutted him like a fish, removed the offending object, and sewed him back together again.

What was puzzling me was where he had found this little cork he swallowed and I was eager to take a look at it so that I could identify what i was and where it had come from.
On closer inspection it turned out it was one of those foam earplugs my wife sometimes wears when my snoring gets too extreme!

I've said in the past that my cat has a very sweet nature but he has not been blessed with a great deal of intellegence and this incident goes someway to proving my point. All I can say is ...Thank God for pet insurance. I feel that this is not the end of his adventures, one day I'm going to write a book about him and make a fortune!
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