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Lincolnshire Notes

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[font="Comic Sans MS"][size="3"]As I was taking our dog for walkies this morning, I got talking with someone who lives on our route to the local park. He originates from Nottingham and migrated to Lincolnshire some years ago now, but he was telling me how fortunate he feels to be able to visit the East Coast, Lincolnshire Wolds, Humber Estuary, the Peak District which are all within an hours drive from where we live. There is nothing strange about that you may say; but this county of ours is so diverse in all things - obviously the coastal strip has many attractions, not all of the family kind. There are the docks at Immingham, Grimsby and Boston. A lot of you may already know of the many holiday caravan and holiday home parks along the counties east coast, also, you will have probably have travelled through the scenic Lincolnshire Wolds, vast tracts of rolling countryside which on a good day gives good vistas of the county.

Probably the largest industry in the county is agriculture and this provides carpets of different colours as the seasons change, at the moment it is mostly the yellow of the oil seed rape which is showing, but there is the blue of the Linseed, the coulours of the bulbs in the springtime, and the vast acres of the wheat, barley etc. in the autumn.

Throughout the county there are many and varied historical sites, if I remember correctly, there was a publicity brochure which portrayed the county as being from the "Romans to the Red Arrows" which I suppose covers all bases.

The engineering heritage of the City of Lincoln is legend, but that will be the basis another blog entry in the future.
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