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Had a late start for the 2nd time this weekend. I can't lie in bed usually but I felt like I had been pinned to the bed :) Although I am supposed to be "blooming" I still feel mega tiredWent to see an old friend and her kids today who I have not seen for 6 months. Little fella took great delight in dressing up in their dressing up stuff but had to be Mr Cedible (Mr Incredible) He looked really funny with fake muscles and a big chest :) Although he would not put the mask on (he's strange about masks :) )We went swimming afterward and I saw a few blokes I think I went to school with. I say I think I went to school with them but one it's hard to recognise people without their clothes on (honestly, I was a good girl :o ) plus they all seemed mighty chunkier than at school - made hubbie look like a pipe cleaner :) Didn't do much actual swimming but when I got home I felt like I had been hit by a bus :) Done a bit of cooking this weekend. Have a very nice looking Chocolate Tart waiting to be eaten in the fridge. Also made some meringues (using up the egg white :) ) and coleslaw - yummie :D;)

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