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Seems a long time ago, but the 2007 floods will be a "weather event" to remember.Where I live , I was so close to being flooded and for the grace of God we werent!! But given the time of year the amount of rain which fell, if it would of been January it would been a whole lot worse...!The stats for rainfall, for the Vale Of Evesham saw an incredibly wet 3 months from May through to JulyMay 96mms [4inches] Thats 1 and a half times the monthly norm Top 22c that month.June 163mms [6.5 inches] Nearly three times the norm Top 27cJuly 228mms [9 inches] Nearly 5 times the norm. Top 24c [135mms fell in one day in July] Nearly 6 inches!Point here is that the Evaporation effect really comes into play,The ground being warm in the Summer also aids in enourmous amounts of water being evaporated from the soil although it does vary given the [Albedo effect]. The sun is at its strongest during May to July and even brief interludes of the sun quickly evaporate any surface water. The evaporation rate increases with temperature and an increase of 10c will generally double the evaporation rate and given the Summer months that wont be hard to do!So a temperature of 20c which is an average temperature for the month of July in the Evesham area, will have some very high evaporation rates and any wind will further aid in evaporation and if humidities are low there will be strong evaporation even for a modest 20c. So my musings for the Floods of July 2007 do not alter the fact that the devastation was frightening, enourmous and destructive ,but if this amount of rainfall occured in January the flooding would have been even worse given very limited warmth, solar radiation, and long dark days ...Ah well ,at least we have not had to contend with too much serious flooding this Winter well apart from the devastating Cumbrian flood in November, that again made worse by the time of year.....!!
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