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The Historic Winter Of 2009/2010

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Winter 09/10 average for Scotland (provisional up to 24th considering downwards revisions are usually quite likely):0.24 °CWinter 06/07 average: 4.34C 71/00 average:2.7C62/63 average: 0.16CIs a 0.08C revision downwards too much to ask?Still, whatever happens, this has been the most incredible winter for persistance of snow and cold IMO. For this area it was really only about that famous spell which will go down in history as probably the coldest 28 days for a few hundred years - I think it probably eclipsed most of 62/63 in severity, but it was fast becoming a winter remembered for only one major cold spell until the last few days delivered something to rival the highland blizzard of 1978 (I have no idea if it beat it though, perhaps too marginal this time round nearer the coast). It never got mild though, and although the temperature reached 11C on one occasion in late January in bright sunshine after some rain from a southerly, on only one other occasion did it break the 6C threshold. I also cannot recall a winter with as many days with temperatures below freezing - I reckon that if you look at any 24 hour period you will find that at least two stations in Scotland got below freezing, something which seemed 18 months ago like merely a fantasy and not something which could ever occur again. In the context of the last two decades, particularly the last one which failed to see a sub-3C CET month, and the moderate-strong el nino which we were taught by some, though not GP whose main analogue was 65/66 I think, would mean a mild, atlantic dominated winter. In the end no one could have predicted the winter that followed. It will be talked about and built up for years to come - a '63 or '47 for my generation. Truly an amazing time in my life.Time to upload all my winter pictures methinks....Source: [url="http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/61845-scottish-cold-spell-discussion/page__view__findpost__p__1791661"]Scottish Cold Spell Discussion[/url]
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