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Staying Cold

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Thunder Snow


[b][size="3"]Staying Cold[/size][/b]

Well after a wintry few hours and a couple CM's of snow for the far South East, the showers should begin to fade away during this afternoon and towrds evening time. Elsewhere across the UK it's a mainly dry and bright day the further West you are, with some long sunny spells for most of England, Wales and Scotland.

However head further East and its a mostly cloudy and damp afternoon, with some showers running down the Eastern coast of Scotland and England these could be wintry in nature at times.

As we move through this evening the snow showers effecting the far South East should of cleared, this will lead to some icy stretches so take care first thing in the morning.

Further West it will be a clear, cold and frosty night for most of these areas, with some cloud pushing in from the East during the early hours.

For the Eastern half of the UK quite a few showers will begin to push in from the North Sea, and run down into Central areas of England, the South and South East these could again be wintry at times.

However the further West you are the more chance you have of staying dry, if you do catch any showers they should be light and far between. Where any showers fall ice could be a risk first thing.

For Friday its going to be a cold and cloudy day for most areas, with the best of any brightness reserved for Western areas and this will be a struggle. For Eastern areas some light showers will push in from the North Sea, these again are likely to be light and possibly wintry in nature.

For the weekend it's more of the same dull,damp and cold for most areas. With the best of any sunshine for Western areas.

Further ahead: It will remain cold, with the start of next week looking very wintry indeed. However this is subject to change, it could be a borderline event.

More soon Guys thanks for reading.
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