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Turning Colder

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Thunder Snow


[b]Turning Alot Colder

Well this forecast was not hard to right, the weather is just so borning at the moment.

Over the next few days the cold is going to make a big return to the UK, bringing the risk of snow and ice more on this later in the forecast.

Back to the here and now, and it's a cold, damp and cloudy evening for most areas of the UK. So let's look at it in alittle more detail, for Scotland it will be cloudy and damp towards the East. However as you move towards Central and Western areas of Scotland the drizzle will die out and some frost and mist patches are likely to form. For Northern Ireland is going to be a quiet night with some mist patches developing. For Northern England there will again be some mist patches with some drizzle towards the Eastern side, more so around coastal areas. A light frost may form across Northern areas for a time, if skies.

For Wales there may be some light showers around the Western coast for a time, but these should be light and far between. Again there could be some mist patches developing through-out the night. For Central areas of the UK it will be mainly dry and misty towards the West, with some light drizzle towards the East. For Southern areas its more of the same dry and misty towards the West and some light drizzle towards the East. Do you ever get the feeling that your repeating yourself lol.

Tomorrow looks set to be cold and cloudy across most areas of the UK, however there will be some sunny spells developing across most of Scotland, more so as we move into the afternoon period. There will again be some light drizzle up and down the Eastern coast at times, these could be alittle wintry over the hills at times.

Sunday night will see a frost towards the Northern half of the UK, however it will remain cloudy towards the South. There again will be some light showers across the Eastern side of the UK, these again may be wintry over the hills.

As we move towards the new working week, nights and days will become colder with sleet and snow becoming a problem more so for the Eastern side of the UK. However there is a possibility that most areas of the UK will see some snow at some point through next week. However the story differs from run to run, one minute there is widespread snow the next it's mainly for Eastern areas. More detail on this soon.[/b]
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