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Rain For Some!

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Thunder Snow


[u][b]Rain For Some!!!!![/b][/u]

Today had been a mixed bag across the UK, with some bright spells for Southern areas. Further North its been a cloudy day, with some mist patches across the hills of Scotland and Northern England.

As we go through this evening skies will remain clear across Southern areas, with a frost developing. Further North it will remain cloudy with the cloud moving South, with clear spells developing behind a slight frost may develop across some parts of Northern England. For Northern Ireland it will remain cloudy for most of the night, with some mist and fog patches forming.

For Scotland it will be again cloudy with some mist and fog patches, more so over the hills. As we move towards dawn a band of rain will begin to push in from the North to North-West.

A band of rain will move across Western Scotland, this will be heavy at times. However i think Eastern Scotland will escape most of the wet weather, some light showers will move across to Eastern Scotland at times. For Northern Ireland it will be a wet start to the morning, but i think the band will weaken and turn more patchy as the day goes on.

For Northern England it will be a dull and damp start to the day, again most of the rain will stay towards the West. Again light showers will make it across the hills, but the rain will fizzle and weaken as the day goes on. As the rain clears from Scotland and Northern England, there maybe some brightness towards the East at times.

The rain will creep South across Wales/Central England and Southern areas, again it will turn patchy as it does so. It will be milder tomorrow, but it wont last long and the winds begin to turn to the North.

As we move through Wednesday night the cloud will thin across most areas, giving a slight frost in places. For Thursday it will be colder day, and with a weather system trying to move in there could be some heavy sleet or snow for some.

As we move towards the end of the week, it will turn cold with some sleet and snow. :unsure: More soon.

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