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Atlantic Takes Charge

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Thunder Snow


[u][b]The Atlantic Takes Charge[/b][/u]

[b]Most of todays snow has now fizzled out, however there maybe some light falls or rain sleet or snow across parts of Scotland for a time tonight. For Scotland any rain/sleet or snow showers will quickly die away tonight, leaving a mostly cloudy night. However there will be some clear spells towards the East, and if showers have fallen there could be an ice risk.

For Ireland and Northern England it will be a mostly cool and cloudy night, with maybe a slight frost during clear spells. Again ice could be a slight problem where rain has fallen. For Wales/South West and Central England ice could be a problem as temperatures fall close to freezing, however there will be quite alot of cloud around and possibly some mist and fog patches. For Eastern England and the South East it will again be a cool night, with quite alot of cloud around. There could also be a few mist and fog patches around, so take care if your traveling first thing.

During tomorrow most of the UK will get off to a cool start, with quite alot of cloud around. Although as we move through the day, the cloud will tend to break allowing some sunny spells at times. However the cloud will always be thickest towards the East, with a few light showers effecting Scotland. However its a different story for Northern Ireland, it will be cloudy from the word go signaling the arrival of the next Atlantic system. Rain will quickly move right across Northern Ireland, the rain is likely to be heavy and prolonged at times. This may give the risk of some localized flooding. From late afternoon the rain will move into Western areas of the UK, again it is likely to be heavy and prolonged at times. As we move into the evening hours the rain will be making its present felt across Central and Southern areas of the UK, where snow has fallen a rapid thaw of any lying snow is likely. Localized flooding could again be a risk for these areas.

Further North and its a different story as the rain moves into Scotland and Northern England it could turn into sleet or snow, however i think snow is most likely over the hill where up to 7-15cm COULD fall. For lower levels i think it will mostly be rain, but im not ruling any snow out completely at this stage. Due to the uncertainty of this i will try and update my forecast tomorrow, as things become alittle clearer. The front should quickly move into the North sea during Thursday night, however it may linger across the South East for most of Friday.

Further Ahead: Once the rain clears the far South East, i think a quite but cloudy weekend is on the cards.[/b]

Weather Warning:

Areas: Scotland/Northern England/North West England/Central England/Wales/South Western England and Northern Ireland

Reason: An Atlantic system will move across the areas mentioned above tomorrow, bringing some heavy and prolonged rain at times with some gusty winds. Rain fall totals could reach between 15-25mm with as much as 50mm over the hills, this coupled with any snow melt could lead to localized flooding. There are already flood watches in for, so please stay tuned to the EA and your local forecast. As the rain band hits Northern area there is the possibility of some snow, however details are still not certain at this time. however i think snow is most likely over the hill where up to 7-15cm COULD fall. For lower levels i think it will be rain.[/b][/color][/color]
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