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Alittle Milder/wet And Windy At Times

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Thunder Snow



The Atlantic is now back in charge of our weather, and it feels like a life time :nonono: . Heavy rain and strong winds effected most parts of the UK today, this coupled with snow melt has brought the risk of some localized flooding. Most of the heavy rain and strong winds have now moved into the North Sea, but there are a number of flood watches/warnings in place. Please contact the EA if you are at all concerned.

For the rest of tonight, Scotland will have a cool night with some patchy frost and there is the possibility of some mist or fog patches developing, there could also be a few showers towards the Western side. Northern England will remain cloudy with some mist and murk patches developing, some showers may move in from the Irish Sea at times more so towards dawn. Northern Ireland is likely to remain cloudy with showers, these heavy at times. Further South across Central England/Southern areas and the South East, a band of showers or more general rain (heavy and time will move East through the night. The rain is likely to be heaviest towards the South, with the rain turning more patchy the further North you go (Central England) Wales and the South West will have a quite night.

Sunday look like being the best day of the weekend, it will be a slow start. Rain will quickly leave the far South East towards dawn, leaving sun spells in its wake. For Wales and the South West it will be a cloudy start, this could produce some light showers at times. These are likely to be light and far between,in-between there will be some sunny spell more so across Wales. For Northern England it will be a dull damp and misty start to the day and i don't think it will improve much through the day. The cloudy may thin the further West you are allowing for some sun to break through. For Scotland again it will be a dull and damp start to the day, the further South you are the cloud is likely to break up after a slow start and give spells of sunshine at times. Further West there will be showers these are likely to be heavy at times. With a more general band of rain arriving later. For Northern Ireland any early sunshine, will be quickly be replaced with cloud from the Atlantic bringing some heavy showers at times, again a more general band of rain will arrive later, but this should turn lighter as it does so. Wherever you are it will feel milder than it has done over recent weeks.

Start of next week and beyond remains uncertain at the moment, further Atlantic fronts will move in from the West bringing some heavy rain and strong winds at times. Maybe something alittle cooler/colder mid-week, however i don't thing this will last long. With the Atlantic throwing more wet weather our way. Incase your wondering its way to early to talk about any wintry precipitation.. :clap::doh::doh::doh::rofl::unsure: .

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