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Slighty Milder

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Thunder Snow


[u][b]Alittle Snow/Slightly Milder, With Heavy Rain[/b][/u]

[b]Well many areas of the UK seen some heavy snowfall last night, it was all thanks to an Atlantic system that tried to move in. As it moved in from the South-West and bumped into the colder air we seen snow across the South-West/Wales/Central England and parts of North-West England. This system has now weakened and is currently bringing light patchy snow to Northern England and later Scotland, where snow could be alittle heavy over hills. Amount will be very little in these areas though, with the hills seeing alittle more.

For the rest of England and Wales it will be a calm night, with freezing fog becoming a problem for the South and perhaps Wales. Light showers will effect Eastern England at times, however these are likely to be rain. However the real risk for tonight will be the ice where snow/sleet/rain has fallen or thawed.

Tomorrow will see any snow across the far North of England and Scotland fizzle, leaving a damp and cold feel across much of the UK. With sunshine really limited. Light rain/sleet showers may effect Eastern areas of England, with rain showers towards Ireland. Temperatures will still be on the chilly side, feeling alittle milder the further South you go.

Friday will see another Atlantic system move in bringing rain to Ireland/Wales/Central England/Northern England/Eastern England and Scotland. This is likely to be heavy, this will cause a thaw with maybe a small risk of localized flooding in places. There could be some hill snow for Scotland and the far North of England. Into the weekend and Saturday will see another Atlantic system with heavy rain spreading across all parts, maybe some sleet and snow on the leading edge. However i feel this will be limited for the hills. Sunday will be a drier day. Where ever you are it will feel slightly milder, but by no means tropical :nonono:

Into next week and another cold spell could be on the cards. Keep reading for more details..... :unsure:
[color="#FF0000"][b]Weather Warning: Ice is likely anywhere across the UK, where snow/sleet or rain have fallen, as temperatures fall to 0 or below. Take care.[/b][/color]

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