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Snowy For A Time

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Thunder Snow


Just a quick note, please could you leave a comment about the forecast if you think its good or not so good.

[u][b]Heavy Snow For A Time[/b][/u]

[b]Due to several power cuts through out today, i am unable to update my forecast as much i would like.

An Atlantic system is now moving in from the South-West, bringing heavy rain/strong winds and slightly milder air. However with colder air still sitting across the UK, the rain is turning to snow. Rain and a sleet mix is likely in the far South-West and to the coast. However further inland its Turning to snow with 2-10cm for lower ground (maybe more in favored spots, and 15-25cm over high ground. I still feel that in some places it will be border-line as to who sees snow or rain.

As we move towards evening time the band will slowly move Northwards, however i think it will weaken as it does so. There still will be heavy snow for most of Wales,Southern England away from the coast and maybe Central England for a time. However i feel most of the heavy snow will stay South of Birmingham. With strong winds blizzard conditions are likely. Northern Ireland will see a wintry mix for a time, with snow mostly for higher areas. Ahead of the system showers may develop across Northern England/South East England and perhaps North-Eastern England before dawn. We may see some wintry showers across North Eastern Scotland for a time.

Again even at this close range, its still not yet known how far North this system will get. Also it is not yet know how fast this system will weaken. However it is already showing signs of weaking in places.

[color="#FF0000"][b]Weather warnings have now been adjusted.[/b]

Weather Warning: ICE: Where any snow has began to thaw, ice is likely to be a widespread problem as temperatures dip to freezing or just below.

Weather Warning: An Atlantic system has started to move in from the South West, this is now bringing some heavy snow towards the South-West/Most areas of Wales and maybe Central England for a time. Snow is likely to be heavy at times, with falls of 2-10cm across some low lying areas with 10-20cm (25cm locally) across higher routes. Winds are likely to be gusty at times, so blizzards conditions are likely more so over higher routes.[/b][/color]
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Just thought i'd leave a comment. You are a pretty brave guy to try and nail this forecast down, and I think with current indications your going to be right on the ball with this forecast, I would have gone for the same type of forecast :)

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Thanks mate for your comment mate, i still think it going to be very border-line in some places.

I wonder how far North this system is gonna get.

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[quote name='Thunder Snow' date='12 January 2010 - 19:30 '] Thanks mate for your comment mate, i still think it going to be very border-line in some places. [/quote]
As I am seeing it, most of the heavier precip and pepping will be possibly to the south of the midlands, and brum possibly getting a light coating, but its still very much touch and go concerning where it will and where it will not.

Still for the NW it will be likely long dead by the time it reaches there, however its conceivable but unlikely (not impossible!) that the irish sea could pep up some heavier showers for the nw..though as I said it's pretty unlikely since as we have both agreed, this system is fizzing out (not really much hope for our region, but you never can tell)

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To me i think most of the heavy stuff we stay South of Birminghame, with showers breaking out in Northern England. These most likely to be light in nature. However still some heavy snow for wales and the south west to come.

So you have msn.

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