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What A Day....

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Well, it looks as if London has been targeted again.....terrible news! Will it never end?But for me personally today has been a better day. Went to see midwife who gave me a check over and all has been pronounced to be going well...blood pressure is low, no sugars or protein where they shouldn't be :o and mini-roo's heart beat is pumping away....Mentioned to her about the nasty sonographer and her words were 'oooooo well next time you just don't pay attention to the nasty woman....WE will decide whether mini-roo is big or not, and there is no evidence that he is at the moment, not her.....and tell her to give you a picture next time, or she'll have me to deal with!'Hehehe! So it's Sonographer 0 Roo 1So nice to find out that all is well.... :)

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Glad to hear it went well at the hospital. Some people can be so insensitive and not realise how certain things said can be a huge cause of alarm to mums, especially first time ones :rolleyes:

The news about London is a bit scary but we must not let them beat us <_<

Take care hun and who cares if MiniRoo is big or little, they will come out when ready :D

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