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Swine Flu Jab, Academic Papers Etc

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Thundery wintry showers


I had my swine flu jab on Tuesday (probably much to the angst of PersianPaladin). It gave me a mild headache for a few hours yesterday and my right arm has become fairly sore. Other than that there have been no problems- and in the meantime I feel at far less risk of ending up on a ventilator (somewhat fittingly, the remnants of last week's cold has set my normally-mild asthma going at times over the last few days).

Am hopefully about to get an academic paper published, which should be good!

In other news I've been playing a lot of table football (thanks to UEA's Table Football Society where you pay a one-off fee of £3 then get unlimited free games on Wednesday & Sunday evenings) and also a social event at Quasar tomorrow with another society.

I am also waiting for the "Left 4 Dead + Left 4 Dead 2" pack to come down below £40 on Steam. I missed an opportunity to get L4D1 for £12.49 a while ago, but it's worth noting that if I'd bought that and then got L4D2 separately it would still have come in at over £40- a lot considering that digital distribution cuts out the publisher. Hopefully Valve will issue some kind of offer once L4D2 "activates" on 20 November, whereupon they'll get my money. Meanwhile the "Escape from Enemy Mountain" mod is still progressing- slowly- for Doom 3, but in relation to the above, I've implemented a Left 4 Dead style random monsters system.

Regarding the weather there's not much to say. October 2009 came in at 1.1C above average at Cleadon making it the warmest October since 2006, and the most recent below-average month (using the 1971-2000 reference period) was January 2009. The first half of November has come in close to average with warm days and cool nights, but I expect the second half to raise temperatures much above average. I can't say I'm a big fan of these relentless "Atlantic" patterns when pressure is frequently high to the SE and fronts move across at regular intervals, preventing those sunshine-and-showers polar maritime regimes from taking hold. They may be changeable, but for me, changeable in quite an uninteresting way!
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