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So What You Got A Crew? I Got One Too.

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I am so close to killing my flatmates its unbelieveable. On the good side I've just about finished all my coursework I have thelast question of my genetics problem to do then I can start getting my head down for exams =D

Minor tour in three weeks. So excited.

I can't believe Green Day tour is over though. Two of the best nights of my life.
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They are absoloute c****. All they do is play video games, they never clean, they pretend I don't exhist oh and to top that off I heard them talking about me last night =\
I didn't even get a happy birthday off them =\
Oh well I learnt the hard way they're not friends.

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You are not married to them so don't worry. It must be hard living with other people that you have little choice on but what don't kill you will make you stronger :whistling:

Happy birthday BTW :drunk:

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Happy birthday indeed!

I have to say I'm not a fan of cliches like "what don't kill you makes you stronger". It does reflect the fact that you can nearly always take positives out of a negative experience.

But those kind of phrases can be used as another excuse to say "that's life" regarding problems that can potentially be addressed. I had plenty of experiences at school and 1st year university being given a hard time by peers, and the relevant authorities being unwilling to do anything about it because "it will make you stronger". I'm not convinced that those experiences, as a whole, have made me stronger. Some of them have, some of them have not. In many ways it reminds me of the way the phrase "everything happens for a reason" is used.

Hope the situation with the flatmates gets better in any case.

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