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Happy Talkin', Talkin Happy Talk

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Blimey I didn't realise how long it has been since my last blog ..... bad bad Loubykins!Well the woe is me bit first, had a crap summer the end.Now for the good stuff :DFor those who don't know Frog did very well in her exams, one is a very proud mum! and after alot of faffing about finally choose her college course, Graphics, IT, Photography and Classic Civiliations, the later chosen as she had to choose 4 and any of the other course classed as 2 course or an art subject, anyhoo she has to drop one come this time next year and although she has some interest in classic civiliations it was the subject she would drop come next year. Trouble is she loves it... she loves all the subjects some me thinks it's going to be a difficult choice for her next year :unsure: But she is loving college and doing well so far, she loves the relaxed atmosphere and more importantly (in her eyes) there are loads and loads of fit guys (god help them, one and all) :lol:Rat is in his last year at school, and still not sure what he wants to do when/if he goes to college, doing well enough, although could put a bit more effort into school, but he is too busy playing cricket <_< As for me, I am looking into doing volunteer work for a local old peoples home, I had planned to look into it more before the summer but things happened and didn't get done. It is something I used to do when I was at school and loved it. Just not sure my back will cope with it, will have to see.I have also lost two and half stone... not sure where, if anyone finds it, you can keep it, I don't want it back :lol:Now my foot is healed I can get out with Ozzy, which is doing me wonders, and not just over the mototway bank anymore, Joe drives me over to the lakes or up to Reigate Priory or Reigate Hill, he sits in the car having a coffee reading boring fishing mags and Ozzy and I go marching off at a rate of knotts, I love it! and so does Oz.Well that's enough to bore you for now :nonono:

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Glad to hear that Frog and Rat are doing well. Anyone who knows what they want to do at 16 is lying :nonono: I was going to be a nurse or graphic designer :lol:

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Oooo I was gonna be a Graphic designer too!! then I found that I liked money more than the thought of going to college :doh: what a mistake that was!

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