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Fifa Vs Pro Evolution Soccer

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Thundery wintry showers


In the past I have had a habit of purchasing one of those football games for PC every few years (there's little point IMHO of buying one every year or two as they are usually just incremental upgrades).

The first one, FIFA 2000, was accidental as I was given two PC games for Christmas but accidentally got someone else's in the post. FIFA 2000 was the game that got me interested in football. Since then I took some notice of PC ZONE's ravings over Pro Evolution Soccer, tried it and immediately preferred it to FIFA, so I went on to get PES 3 and PES 6.

This year, both FIFA [i]and[/i] PES 2010 have impressed me, so I am seriously considering getting one of them- the question is which one? Well, it seems clear that as far as consoles are concerned FIFA, which has made big strides relative to PES's slow incremental changes in the last couple of years, would be the better choice. But for PC, EA have decided to leave the PC out of its next gen capabilities, whereas Konami have chosen to make the PC version as good as the console versions. EA's official line is "we want it to run on a standard PC" but I wouldn't be surprised if their real argument was "PC games are heavily pirated so we would rather people used consoles instead".

I am increasingly convinced that PC games are heavily pirated partly because DRM measures and tightening of copyright restrictions, and now this, are resulting in paying consumers being increasingly ripped off. For example, consoles encourage 2-4 player multiplayer with one copy of a game, whereas on the PC companies have greedily abused the "war against piracy" to recategorise it as "piracy" and insist that you must buy 3 copies to play 3 player multiplayer or be a "cheapskate".

The neglect of the FIFA 2010 PC port may well mean that I end up getting Pro Evolution again. It does have a much better edit mode, and I like to play with custom teams.
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I personally will be getting Fifa 10 this year and not Pro Evolution. The last Pro Evo I bought was Pro Evo 6. That was the best in the series and then started going downhill and went very arcadey for Pro Evo 2008 and 2009. It used to be well known back in the PS1 and PS2 days as being the best simulation football game around and it defanitly was.

The tide changed though with Fifa 08, it had improved a lot on the older versions and the gameplay started to feel more realistic. Fifa 09 is a terrific game in my opinion, played it a lot and I downloaded the Fifa 10 demo a few weeks back and it blew me away. I think it will be worthwhile getting Fifa 10 instead but it's down to personal preference. The good thing that Fifa has over Pro Evo is a very good career mode and the fact it has so many teams from around the globe with their official sponsors, official players and official kits.

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One thing is for certain, I won't be buying either until I see a good cross-section of reviews for both games for the PC. I am hopeful that PES 2010 will be an improvement on the previous three incarnations, but if it isn't, there will be no point in getting it given that I already have Pro Evo 6.

Regarding FIFA I think the main thing that puts me off it is the lack of a good edit mode (creating custom teams). I think if FIFA 10 had an edit mode that was anywhere near as good as PES's, then I'd be going for FIFA, even given the likelihood of the PC port being poor. It's odd, because the early incarnations of FIFA that I previously had (2000, 2001) had decent edit modes.

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