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The Climate Of Wirral

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I thought I'd set up a blog entry on the climate of my home peninsular, Wirral.

For about 5 years now I've been fascinated by micro-climatology and how differences occur in relative small areas.

All year around I'm looking for mild weather, either absolutely or relatively - you might think "why on Earth would he want to do that? It's mush, horrible and boring!" Well not to me it isn't.. let me explain..

Living on the coast I am in a perfect place to witness these variances in local climate but to see the variances you have to look at this side in terms of mildness -if I was living in Chester perhaps I would be looking for cold, conversely, and perhaps unfortunately in many peoples eyes, I live on the mild side!

There are many instances in the past were the difference between my location and Manchester, or even Chester and on occassion, Liverpool were so big you would not believe me if I told you face to face without evidence at hand.

Here's a few examples of temperature minimums I have recorded recently..

24/09/09: Chester: 6.5C, Heswall: 10.2C
08/09/09: Chester: 12.3C, Heswall: 16.1C

Also massive differences in terms of national differences... I can recall at one time this winter, in February, my temperature was 10C and the temperature in the southeast of sub zero - unbelievable and totally exciting.

If I was to rank the place in order which are the mildest in Wirral (Mildest - Coldest):

1. New Brighton (Northeast Coast)
2. Moreton (North Coast)
3. Hoylake (North Coast)
4. West Kirby (Northwest Coast)
5. Wallasey (Northeast)
6. Birkenhead (Northeast)
7. Meols (North Coast)
8. Bebington (East)
9. Thurstaston (West Coast)
10. Heswall (West Coast)
11. Raby Mere (Central)
12. Greasby (Central)
13. Oxton (Central)
14. Upton (Central)
15. Prenton (Central)
16. Neston (Southwest Coast)
17. Burton (Southwest)
18. Puddington (South)

These are basically sorted from 1. (the mildest), to 18. (The lowest)

The Lowest temperature ever recorded in Wirral is -14.0 in Bidston, however upon doing some research surprisingly Heswall, given it's more 'inland' position (even though still on the coast) has only recorded an absolute minimum of -10C? Why is this though?

Well part of it is the fact the Wirral is surrounded by three sides of water this acts as a blanket, preventing very cold weather from ever prevailing here. The Welsh mountains and Pennines enclose the area, creating a very dry climate, for it's westerly point.. in fact it's a bizarre climate given it is so mild and dry, usually, it's the case that a dry climate is fairly cold in Winter.. but not here!

Anyway that's it really, now you know abit about where I live, what I have to put up with in weather terms, having very little in the way of wintry weather I just have to adapt!
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That was quite interesting to read you must have spent some time researching that!

I am always fascinated by micro climates my self living in an area with so many around. We have a few round here for example cheddar valley which is very sheltered on the lower southern slopes of the mendips where frost is quite a rare occurance and has made it famous for its earlier strawberrys than kent and cornwal. Then just a few miles away you have the top of the hills where i live and the climate is like that more associated with northern england.

I used to live in Aberystwyth which was always much warmer and dryer than most of wales with similar rainfall to south east england because of the mountains that are all around the bay. I loved it there it was like summer had 2/3 extra months and although i didnt see my beloved snow i could drive 10 miles inland and see it all up around a place called Devils bridge.

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