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The Summers Gone

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[font="Verdana"]So I know I've been quiet but a lot of stuff has happenedthis summer, mostly bad but a lot of good stuff as well. Todays my last day ofsummer move in to my new flat tomorrow morning which means we shall beinternetless for at least two weeks but its ok I have my shiney new google g1phone to fix that! Means I might just about make it on every day to check letsall pray there is an unsecure wifi network on the street y/y!

Two years ago today, I saw Elliot Minor for the first timewhen they opened with Fall Out Boy, two years later to the day I appear intheir new music video, which is a huge honour and a huge privilege. I can'tquite believe how fast two years have gone, in two years I've passed exams, gotin to university, passed first year of university and ended up travelling thecountry several times over to see this band. I'm not sure when this all startedI'd thought I'd end up here to be honest. I didn't think I would end up on theother side of the country, didn't think I'd end up meeting all the peopleacross the country that I have. I didn't think I'd end up with the friends Ihave.

Despite the fact that my mum and step dad have split up, thefamily problems, the money problems the one thing that has kept me going isthis band. Yes I would do the 20 hour coach trips, the 18 hours sitting on coldpavements to see them, the sleepless nights travelling and the nights withouthotels all over again. My love for this band is much more than just music, its aboutthe friends I've made, the times I've had. The laughs, the aftershow partiesand hilarious inside jokes. I've had the time of my life this summer in the twoshort weeks they were on tour.


I can't wait to do it all over again in November, this yearsgig list if well packed! Looking forward to it, so instead of moaning aboutsummer being done already I'm gonna show off how many shows I've got to go to.

Jacks Mannequin – 31[sup]st[/sup] August

Green Day – 19[sup]th[/sup] October[size="2"]

Elliot Minor Ireland,Glasgow, Edinburgh– 11[sup]th[/sup] – 15[sup]th[/sup] November

EdinburghHogmanay Party – 31[sup]st[/sup] December

[/size][/font] [font="Verdana"][size="2"][quote] Days and nights, they feel so good
Just like the way they should
Those crazy nights that were left behind were so misunderstood
A missing photograph
Never thinking of the past
Well there's a light to see, and there's only one path [/quote][/size][/font]
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I'm to old for Elliot Minor, but I think I knew his Father, Elliot Senior at Eton.....

Good luck next semester Sammie!

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I've tied my ankles to the table legs with wire...

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