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Worst 3 Days In A Row Ever

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In the last 3 days:

- I spilt a pot of boiling water on the hob over my arm and ended up with a trip to the minor injuries unit at the at Vale of Leven Hospital, since the nearest A and E is now in freaking PAISLEY and my parents refused to take me there. Thanks parents. Arm is now covered in cream and other crap. It hurts.

- Last night started having a fever and the shivers, achey joints and a killer headeache. Now I’ve got a very sore throat so we called NHS 24 and I am on the list of suspected Swine Flu cases. FML. No antivirus for me yet though, tbh I don’t need them…yet. However being in an “at risk” category apparently I’ll be getting them when I get a call back from the doctor. Good news is no curly tale yet.

- Apparently the paper work for the flat is “not in order” and I’m missing a character reference even though I already got my DoS to do me one. Apparently you need two character references so I need to get another one could they not have told me this in MARCH when they took my bloody £800 in deposit?! Apparently not.
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Awwwwwww, bless ya Sammie..

At last.. Someone who reads the same book of disasters as me.. :lol:

Keep smiling and I hope you feel better soon.. :)

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