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Clean House

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As hubbie said tonight, the good thing about selling the house is that it's always tidy :) We have accepted an offer on our house and fingers crossed they will have no problem selling theirs. I know where it is and doubt there should be a problem ;) It's all going quicker than I thought :) Watched a really enjoyable film last night. Apart from having Johnny Depp in (which is always nice on the eyes :D ) it was a real joy of a film, it being "Finding Neverland". I'm not a fan of Peter Pan but it's very good and I think even hubbie's eyes were a little moist at times :o It's not a sad film, in fact it makes you laugh and wish you had more imagination :) So treat yourself and give it a rent, I am thinking of buying the DVD as I definately want to watch it again :)

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brilliant news Katie that the house selling seems to be going smoothly! I am dreading it when we put our gaff on the market. We are busy decorating it as we speak (funny how we are decorating it nicely for potential new buyers, yet have had horrible wall paper for the past 5 years since moving in!)

I've never seen Finding Neverland, but might give it a bash as I tend to enjoy any film Johnny Depp is in. We are already trying to find someone to babysit Mini-raven to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the cinema (a rare treat as the last time we went to the cinema together was 18 months ago!)

Hope you and mini-Loo are OK :)


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:lol: Yes, after 4 years of living with certain annoying things we are finally fixing them just to leave :unsure:

Good luck with the decorating/selling. If you want a tip, go online and look at some of the houses for sale. Look at the pictures and see what turns you off i.e. lots of books on the shelves, nasty duvet covers :blink:

I've seen some houses that look really good but the furniture and decoration :o

p.s. Definately rent Finding Neverland but have a tissue handy for certain parts B)

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OMG Finding Neverland made me bawl my eyes out....great film (specially the little lad in it....he's also in charlie and the chocolate factory) and Johnny D was superb, as ever....

But oh dear! definitely not a film for me and my hormones! :blink:

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