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Elan Valley

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Sunday 19th of July 2009 and Dad decided to leave his Horses, Dogs and all the other animals and take a trip out to the wild and Beautiful Elan Valley in Mid Wales. He does not get out much, well hes coming up 70 and hes looking after his animals is a 24/7 job ,but this will be his first trip out of the Evesham area for many years. Anyway off we go some 80 miles west northwest of Evesham with me Mum ,dad. Stopped about halfway at lovely Leominster ,well Morrissons actually had a quick toilet break, and then on ever westwards to the wilds of Wales. Stopped just before the Elan Valley at Rhayader and had a brief walk through this very small, but most loveliest of towns , and then had a walk by the beautifull River Wye which in fact was pretty wild ,what with all the rain over the Welsh Mountains. Saw the campsite by the Wye and said to Mum and Dad I will hopefully pitch the tent here in a few weeks time ,well weather permitting that is. Its a stunning location just need some half decent weather! Jumped in the car again and next stop the Elan Valley visitors center, Mum and I have been there before but first time for Dad and before we got there we could clearly see the dam wall had volumes of water flowing over the side of it, Dad was enthralled, "never seen anything like it" he lamemented, and his digital camera was really takes a beaten! Sat with coffee and tea after looking around the centre which showed the amazing building of the dams which at the time was an "engineering marvel" and still is to be honest as those dams are over 100 years old, certainly needed more time at that place [and ive been there before]Moved on deep into the rugged and wild and most beautiful of places, despite the lightish rain [although it did become heavier!] it somewhere very special, yes remote, and Dad had a job to take the scenery in. Ive been through there many times and I can honestly say its always like the first time , it always takes my breath away, its unique splendour, remoteness, stunning scenery,something very special in this ever increasing overcrowded island.Anyway, stopped at the top resevoir called [CraigGoch] and you can drive along the dam wall to the other end. Sat in the car in the rain and thought perhaps its best to go as the rain was getting heavier, went across the dam again , but met by a car who did not want to reverse for us [as its only a one track road!] so I reversed all the way back for these sodding young kids with fairy lights on the front of there old car. I did not realize how far we had to reverse, my Dad getting a bit irrate jumped out the car as soon as we got back the other side and gave him a piece of his mind,,,,ummmgh need I say more....Well, the journey home was pleasant although I must admit I would of loved to of stayed a few days at least and do some exploring, but for Dad especially it was a memorable day and with his digital camera running low for all the pics he took, and it showed him that there is a World outside Evesham!!
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