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Mini-raven's School

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well, had half day at work today to take mini-raven to her new school this afternoon that she will start full-time in September.After having a tantrum just before leaving the house (mini-R, not me), where she started huffing, puffing, stamping her feet and crying (because she had to come in from the garden), and trying desperately to calm her down and dry the tears in the car whilst trying to neaten her tantrum induced sweaty hair at the same time, off she went into school.The children only stayed an hour to meet their school teachers (she has 2, as they are job share) and her teaching assistant, but fun was had by all. Thankfully, she is a very confident child, so was quite happy to walk into the class room and start squidging play-doe whilst I was left standing in the corner with a lump in my throat and the trembling chin (goodness knows what I will be like in September!). She had a lovely time meeting her teachers and new school friends.And I have her first picture (all in a lovely brown colour) from school stuck on the fridge.BlessEdit: I keep forgetting I have to push 'publish' for my entries to appear. Duh! :)

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I took Milo to his new nursery for a trial session and had to brib him with chocolate to get him away :rolleyes:

Glad to hear she liked it :)

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