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Well today I had my scan in honour of mini-roo's 23rd week.....and what a pooey experience it was!I should say here and now that mini-roo is 100% OK and that all is well and everything has been accounted for. No, my probglem was with the grumpy old cow of a scanning person who made the whole thing damn unpleasant.....She gets me in there, and as mini-roo has a penchant for lying really low and fast asleep at the bottom of the womb, she tips me right back to try and get him out. Now mini-roo doesn't like this and refuses to budge....also being tipped back means I can hardly see the screen....Anyways, she gets on and takes the measurements but, although she can see everything, still can't get a fix on everything (due to mini-roo still lying low).....Soo....after about half an hour of huffing and griping (not a sense of humour in sight) she gives up and tells me I will have to come back so she can finish off the measurements.....This is shortly after she tells me that mini-roo is 'big' panicking me into thinking that this might be a sign of diabetes, etc....However, once she'd looked it up on her charts, it turns out that he is not actually BIG....but within the upper normal range! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....Finally, I make the mistake of asking for a picture and she says no!!!! Because apparently I wouldn't recognise anything from this angle.....So I'm left feeling damn uncomfortable, a bit anxious and throughly mad, and without even a pic to show of my experiences.... :o My one consolation is that mini-roo is fine and seems to be doing well. and that I will get a second go with, hopefully, a different person next time..... :)

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Poor Roo :( Sonographers can be the devils own sometimes.

Good news that mini-roo is fine - and even better you get another peek at him/her :)

I;m so sad it wasnt a good experience for you though :(

Hope the next one is as different as different can be :)

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Aw, Roo,

Glad to hear mini-roo is okay, but that's a horrible thing to have happen hun.

People like that should be ashamed of themselves... that should have been such a special experience for you.

I hope you get a better person next time... someone who's sense of humour and sensitivity have not been removed.

Keep smiling... and if you get the same person next time, perhaps you should have a little '3 litres of water guzzling induced' accident on the bed... t'would serve her right!

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Poor old you :(

When I went for my first scan for Milo I had been instructed that if you wanted a picture you had to say beforehand

So as the woman starts I said "can I have a picture please"

She then said "we have to see if there is anything there first" :o

I was really upset thinking it was now all my imagination :unsure:

Good thing is that you are going to have another peek at Mini Roo :D

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Thanks for the support girls.....{{{{HUGS}}}}}

I was utterly furious earlier as that damn woman really ruined what should have been a great experience.....

I'm going to have a quiet word with my midwife to get it fed back into the system that this woman should not be let loose with pregnant mothers!

I'm trying to see the positive side that at least I know mini-roo is OK, and that next time I'm going to try and make sure I don't get her again..... :D

Mrs M: Thanks ducks!

Lady P: Only 3 litres??? Methinks she derserved a whole bucket!

Katie: How terrible: not what you need at all. I swear some of these people forget they are talking about babies and mothers....

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