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A Sight For Sore Eyes, With A View To Kill

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Lyrics in title from "Unfinished Business" by White Lies.

Well, thought I'd enter the realms of blog on this website just to put a few of my thoughts in a more serious and detailed context than I would otherwise.

I'd rather not think where to start. But there's so much going on in my head right now, something's got to be written. Recession, turbulence back home, my degree course, my music, my friends (who haven't been great at living up to the title recently). I think I'll start with the latter, it came first.

Charlie (that's a girl) came to visit at the last weekend. She's been a really good mate to me, absolute rock when I'm down, and I've been her equivalent in her more prevalent rough times. But she was odd to me. She could be laughing along with my jokes one minute, always looking round whenever anything was said as if to gain my approval, but the next, picks out the tiniest faults - such as saying I've been grumpy towards her. And complaining about "all this physical contact" which went completely against everything she's said or done in the past. One of our mutual friends (her best friend) told me that she'd told her (if that makes sense) that she fancies me. But after the act at the weekend, I don't know if I could stand her. I thought it would be lovely, one day, when she's at uni in Nottingham (a possibility) that we could, but would she be like this? I dunno...it's not made my mind a happier place. If I were asked now, I'd happily say no.

I find out one of my mother's friends (and mine) has been sacked, or officially "forced to retire" due to completely unfounded accusations. I'm fuming. This man was the nicest person to anyone for who he worked for (a handiman in an East Dorset nursing home), always being praised by residents, relative and colleagues alike. For them to say "we've had complaints" when "sacking" him smaks of ignorance and desperation. It sickens me. Other, kind of recession related factors, are affecting my family, but I don't want to detail that, just too personal, I'm sorry.

Had a nice argument with my best mate at uni - because he argued with a bouncer who was asking me for ID. How bloody minded can you get? Again, that's not helped at all.

If anyone reads this, do let me know. I just needed to get a real load off. Sorry guys!

Which begs the question - why do people regard me as one of the most positive people they know? As one of my coursemates put it "I miss your relentless good moods" when we were on holidays. Oh for a holiday now. Oh for summer, Dorset, cricket and the beach.

And maybe, much happier times! :clap:


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