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Tattoo's does it get into the blood?

I have 5 currently. I'll list by location and date

1- Owl in blue flames. On right hand side by appendix. Hurt like hell but for Sheffield Wednesday my team. Oddly since done in 1999 Wed have gone up in flames and in the s***e. Good luck symbol, not.

2_ Chinese symbol meaning Tiger. Upper left arm my Chinese birth symbol for year.

3_ Chinese symbol meaning lucky. Upper left arm above number 2. Done after I came out of hospital in 2000 after I'd been given 10% of living in intensive care following illness.

4- Southern TV logo. Upper right arm. 2002. Done on a drunkern night out. My Dad Closed Southern Down at the transmitter.

5- 07-07-07 On right shoulder blade. My Civil Partnership day/wedding day. Done after the event on a cocktail of not nice drugs. Hurt like hell.

So the question is.-Do I have another? And if so where?

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Yeah - can never have enough. I'm just about to go and see my bloke Jeff at Studio XIII here in Edinburgh to get my left sleeve finished. Always want more!

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