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No London Trip

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Me, hubbie and little fella had were all due to go to London this afternoon to stay with my brother for the weekend. I planned it over a month ago and little fella has been past himself with excitement.This morning, while checking what the weather was going to be like I noticed the thread about the London underground and well....................I was so shocked and upset I ended up in floods of tears in the office. It felt like a repeat of 9/11 in that we had just booked a flight to Ibiza and now here I was just booked a train. Somehow I felt I was guilty and it was my fault :o Totally stupid I know but.....Little fella is a bit under the weather and has not quite twigged that he should be in London. I won't tell him the truth, he is too young to understand, I will just say that the train broke down and we will go another time. As I have the time off, I decided to take advantage and visit Gloucestershire and see what it's like. So who knows, I could bump into Andy Bown without knowing it :D Thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by this horrible event :)

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Katie, I am gonna be at least 30 miles from you, I live in Wiltshire ;) .

Sorry to hear you had to cancel your trip :( , but it's better then if you had left and then maybe been stranded!

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your not going to be to far from me.i live west/north swindon and the glouster boarder is only a few miles away

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