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I Really Shouldn't....

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I really shouldn't give up smoking, twice this year I have given up and yes I feel much better for it but I have become a touchy grouchy old cow who bites at the slightest provocation. I am constantly saying things and instantly apologising, mostly to Joe and the kids. I find I am so less tolerant of people I don't like and instead of just thinking 't&*t' I say it. Things are no longer water off a ducks back to me, and I don't like it.

On a different note....
My Frog turns 16 next week :lol: trouble is now is when the true worrying starts! eeeek! feel extra old too :lol: but once Frog's birthday is out of the way then you will all be glad *snigger* to know I will be on my normal Xmas high (I hope) :D the Xmas countdown will begin :lol:

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Who says your a touchy grouchy old cow then? :ph34r: That's not the Louby I know!


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Coast, you is naughty :nonono:

At the end of the day Louby you can only give up if you really want to. You've proved that you can stop for a while which is good. Try again when spring approaches and things are on the up rather than getting darker each day ;)

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