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Azores Hi


Well things are going wrong!
My partner has been looking for a new job recently and one came up which had her name all over it. We did wonder if the universe was playing some kind of joke because literally the day after announcing to her boss that she would be moving on she stumbled across this job. Working in the same village as I do, working with plants, and doing what she is very qualified to do. Jobs like that don’t come round too often so she applied.
Well she got an interview, and thought that it had gone well. But today she heard that she didn’t get the job.
Understandably she is heartbroken, it really did seem like fate was lending a hand there but it seems that fate has other plans! The trouble is, now her boss is making plans for her replacement.

I might add at this time that she works for her parents company, that is why she has been so upfront about her plans to seek employment elsewhere, she initially committed to them that she would stay there until the spring but when this job came up she did the right thing and was honest to them that she had an interview coming up which, if she got the job, would mean leaving at Christmas.
So the conundrum is, what happens next? Worst case scenario is the company makes her leave at Christmas, I think it’s unlikely but if they manage to replace her before March she could be out on her ear.
I know what you are thinking, surely if she is working for mum and dad, they will look after her?
Believe me, that can’t be taken for granted, it’s a business we are talking about here, her leaving will be a blow to the business but in the same breath, the needs of the business always come first, one of the reasons she is leaving.
The whole situation is a mess and far more complex than I can explain properly on a blog. Suffice to say, she needs to get out of where she is working, for the sake of her sanity, her self respect and for the sake of her relationships with all that are close to her. (including me). Which is why we are upset that she didn’t get the job. There will be others and I hope that things will work out, she needs to lick her wounds and move on.
Other crap news:
The cat is very ill, taken to the vets yesterday to be re-hydrated.
My car has just cost me 500 quid to repair!

All I seem to do on this blog is moan! So although I have plenty to moan about I shall focus on the positive to end the rant!

I have a job (touch wood). Which I enjoy.
I have a house, and the mortgage repayments are now back down to the low level they were when we moved in.
I have a Partner who loves me and I love her.
Tonight I shall be going to the pub with my Friend
I have lots of friends
The winter is shaping up to be cold (well the hope is still there anyway).
It’ll soon be Christmas

That’s not too bad is it?
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I know it will not make all the crap better but....... (((( mahooosive hugs)))) to you and her in doors

It could be worse you could have to live with Joe and two teens who argue all the time and leave the house in a mess!

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