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Housey, Housey....

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wellll in the world of Roo life is being remarkably straightforward at the moment...something just HAS to go wrong...The house is going through very quickly....pot luck solicitor is great, surveyor has been wonderful and the house has no faults not consistent with a victorian property....oh and the mortgage offer has come through! It's all going just tooooo well.....On the downside, had a phone call from work today to say my office has been broken into! Our department is getting burgled on average 5 times a year at the moment (the glories of a central London location, eh?) but it's only the first time mine has been done.....They were interrupted ahlf way through so haven't managed to take anything but have caved in the doors on all five offices in my part of the building.....Luckily I didn't have anything valuable in there (just a load of archaeological journals and my old computer...which they didn't take: would have been a blessing if they had!!!)....Door should be replaced by the time I go in again next week, but have a feeling there may be a little tidying up to do.....Ah well if that's the worst that happens today I won't mind.....Roo :)

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Where I used to work got burgled and they took my computer and up ended my desk, it was horrible :(

I got in to find all my papers strewn across the floor, with my desk on it's side. The only thing still in it's place was my little Sean the sheep stuck onto my desk with bluetak. The police wanted to question him but he said he slept through the whole thing :D

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sheep don't make good witnesses - hence OONs freedom

yuck - sorry to hear about the break in anyway...

perhaps the stole a pottery shard in order to recreate a medieval village

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Firstly, great news on the house. Secondly, why do burgliars not take the stuff you want them to? If it happens next time, I'd leave a little note in advance with a list of things you want to go.

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