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New NMM Hi-Res Forecast Model For The UK

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It's taken time, effort and server upgrades to get this running, but finally we have a new Hi-Res forecast model for the UK here on Netweather.

The model is called the NMM, it is used operationally by the NCEP in the USA and is known as a mesoscale model - which means it is high enough resolution to pick out small more localised weather features that lower resolution models will miss.

At the current time the Netweather NMM model is running at a resolution of 12km (0.09 degrees), which if you compare that to the GFS is significantly more detailed, with the GFS running at a resolution of ~60km (0.5 degrees). The new model runs out to 4 hours and is updated twice a day, with hourly timeslots available throughout.

The new system is still in its beta phase and is available to subscribers to the full [url="https://www.netweather.tv/secure/cgi-bin/login.pl"]Netweather Extra[/url] package.

Here are a few screenshots from the model:




More information on Netweather extra can be found [url="https://www.netweather.tv/secure/cgi-bin/login.pl"]here[/url].
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