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Meteorology, F1 And France

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I left Lancaster on Monday 27th June. It was quite a good last day at the University, I got everything sorted and said goodbye to all of the lecturers and students that mattered to me. Inevitably, it was hard to leave the place- I paced up and down campus for 20 minutes before realising I'd miss the train home unless I got a shift on.I wasn't quite as sad to leave as with either of my old schools, partly because I didn't make as many friends there and partly because I know it may not necessarily be the last time I ever go to Lancaster.It seems that things are going well on the postgraduate front with Leeds- I don't want to "do a Murray" at the moment though! There are quite a number of things to get sorted.On a related topic, the holidays in France start on Friday. I'll be seeing the French GP on Sunday- hopefully there'll be more than six cars this time, and hopefully the result won't be a foregone conclusion! Looks like the next couple of weeks in Britain will feature rather traditional summer weather, so I probably did well choosing these two weeks to nick off to France.Some good 21st birthday presents- I acquired a professional WMR928 Oregon Scientific weather station (the kind they use for Weather Underground sites), so I can situate it in Tyneside and have it record statistics even while I am away.

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