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More Terror alerts.

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In line with Katie's blog and events in Exeter yesterday- Plymouth had 2 serious incidents today although no bombings luckily.

Basically I was day off today, so decided to go into town for a pint (or 3) at lunchtime. Being a responsible person we took the bus into town- only to get caught in the 1st alert in North Hill (around the University and library). Thought nothing of it- and walked the back way to the pub on Bretonside.

However when we left to catch the bus on Royal Parade- all hell had broken loose, with police cars, guns everywhere. The police had arrested a couple of men in Old Town Street. The end result was chaos with nobody having clue what was happening. It's all connected to the events of yesterday. Talking to friends, Stonehouse is crawling with Police and Bomb disposal people and its the main news obviously down here on ITV Westcountry and BBC Spotlight.

Until now, I've always thought Devon and Cornwall as being safe places. Sadly it appears we are not. :lol:

Heres the link to Plymouth Evening Heralds website.


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