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What A Weekend !!

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Well what a weekend I had :blink: It was the annual Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) Farmyard Party at Duncombe Park in Helmsley at the weekend. 7000+ Bikers decend on quaint little Helmsley and liven it up for a while :o Personally I really like it, cos it can be a bit dull most of the time.It's always a good laugh, with the coppers turning a blind eye to a lot of things but there is never any trouble and if you saw the market place at 3.30pm on Sunday you would never had guessed they were there - not a spot of rubbish :) Then, as you may have heard, the storms came :D A storm tracked North of us for approx 1 hour and missed us, then all hell broke loose :) 2 hours of non-stop torrential rain, thunder and lightening every 2 seconds :( After it stoped there were sirens everywhere and helecopters buzzing over. Luckily no one was hurt but a lot of animals were lost :( I'm just so thankful it didn't happen on Saturday cos the bikers would not have been in a fit state to get out of the way and I think we could have had a very sad situation.Everything seems to be getting back to normallity though, the coaches are back filled with blue rinses in search of tea and scones and the Edinburgh Wool Mill :angry: I have the next two days off - hurrah!!! So tomorrow I think me and little fella are off to the coast and on Friday we are off to the Forbidden Corner Forbidden Corner

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