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Should you giggle at a funeral?

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Sadly a great friend of ours lost his Aunt last week, and we went to her funeral this afternoon. Kath was 91.

It was all fairly somber, and both Darren and myself cried during the early part of the service. Then came the last hymn after the committal at the crem. The song was "All things bright and beautiful". Now I know all the words to this classic hymn, having had to sing it every morning at primary school, and as the hymn started, it looked like Darren did too. So I put the hymn book down.

By the time it came to the 3rd verse, I could see from Darren's face he was clearly looking at the book for the words (so much for him knowing the words). So I did the first thing I could think of.

I closed the hymn book. :lol:

Suddenly from singing all the words, he started going la la la la :D Then started giggling. Loudly. Which set me off.

I honestly thought we'd got away with giggling at a funeral, until Mike came up to us at the wake and asked why we'd been giggling at his Aunt's funeral. When we told him the story, he burst out laughing saying- "that's help make my day- Kath loved a laugh." He proceeded to tell all at the wake the story, and they all agreed that was a funny thing to do.

Kathleen Muriel Harvey 1916-2008. Rest in Peace.

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I'm sure you really helped your friend having a bit of a giggle, especially if his aunt was a bit of a joker herself.

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