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Knackered Knee

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I was told last week on top of stress from work, that I need an op on my knee.

My cartilidge is gone in my left knee. Now this set off several problems for me.

The last time I had an op in 2000, I spent 10 days in ICU on life support from a mistake from a surgeon who cut through an artery when my appendix had to come out. So I had 2 op's in 5 hours.

Next problem- this has left me scared stiff of hospitals. Big style.

So, muggings here, was think until today, take 3 Ibropuben each night for the pain, I'll be fine. Until today when I moved some office furniture around. Tonight I am in agony in my left knee. :bad:

I was hoping for the depression to be off my sick record, but here I am, resigned to an op and the daft worry about an op, plus the daft worry about the potenital sickness from my knee. :lol: :D

Daft huh? :)

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