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E Is For Extravs, E18 And Exam Results

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Next week should be a cracker- lots of Extravs, including two on my 21st birthday! It should be the best week of my time in Lancaster, shame it's the last one, but then there's two weeks in France (including seeing the French GP) to look forward to.My exam results are on the 23rd June- and as outlined in previous entries, I kind of need a 2-1. :blink: Today had some exciting thunderstorms, but as often happens, the main storm hit Tyneside and missed Lancaster. Lancaster did catch the western fringe of the storm area and there were six rumbles, but the main storm focus seemed to shift further east than expected, missing Lancaster and instead engulfing Tyneside which had a storm easily up there with those of 2 June 2002 and 10 August 2003.I didn't get to photograph the storm either, because of the dreaded E18 Error. I previously had a Canon A75 between July and October 2004 which did an E18 on me last year (lens got jammed), I got that refunded and replaced it with a Canon A85. I went for a trip to the beach which resulted in some sand getting into the lens (stupidly there is a gap between the lens and the other parts of the camera & no lens cover, allowing sand, dust, salt etc to get in). I got most of the sand out and the camera continued to function perfectly, but after a week I suddenly got the dreaded E18 again. Strangely, it doesn't appear to be the lens this time but is more an internal malfunction- whether some stray sand particles caused it, or it was totally unrelated, is a good question.It might be fixable (I'll take it home next weekend and see if my dad can do anything about it), but whether it's fixable or not, next time I buy a digital camera it probably won't be another Canon. One E18 error is excusable (I may just have been unlucky), but two E18s in eight months suggests more than bad luck.

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