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Ken Ring

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Here we go, I think...I'm still trying to make sense out of Ring's extraordinary claims:Despite his inability to understand basic science, he makes sweeping claims and statements which seem to be plucked out of thin air...As things stand just now, I'm even more convinced that his ideas are bogus... :blink:

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I have been lurking in the Ken Ring threads, (not saying much cos I don't really know much about what was being discussed!) The only comments I made was when Ken and Stockman70 were being nasty to the likes of you, flagpole and Roo. He just can't take critisism (sp) or the possibilty that not everything he writes or believes is set in stone.

I thought the way Ken conveyed himself and his answers to questions was disgusting. If he wanted to convince any of us about his theories, he certainly went the wrong way about doing it!

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I popped in once to see what was going on, left straight away :) .

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I think trying to make sense of Ken Ring is the most dangerous thing, Peter! There's somethings that just don't make sense!! :blink:

BTW don't forget June 22nd, as we all have a date with midnight and clear skies!!! LOLOLOL

Anyway, it's far too early for me to be on here (woke up at 5 this morning)....off to get brekkie before heading off into London..

Good to see we will be priveledged to the secret world of Mr Potatohead....... :o :lol:

Roo :)

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