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Grey Day

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Well what a grey day :o I was hoping to go to the coast with little fella today but it's raining. I was also considering going to see my Grandma but my mum is going and as I spent yesterday with her, I don't think I could cope with another day.Don't get me wrong, my mum is nice but she's very loud and ignores everything I say and just talks about "her" all the time. It can take me a day or so to calm down after a visit :blink: She lent me her House Doctor books so I can sort our house out, which if you saw her house is just such a joke. You have to step over things everywhere just to get from one room to the next. Anyway, we are all different, that's what makes the world interesting :D So, what to do today, need to make myself scarce so hubbie can sort out his revision and assignments. We could go swimming but I don't really have the energy having charged round after him yesterday. I'm sure we will thing of something :angry:

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Sounds like your mother is indeed a bit unusual- most people of her generation are obsessed with keeping everything tidy!

I think the ignorance is quite 'normal' though...

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