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Supermarket shopping

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snow raven


While doing my rather tedious weekly shop in Sainsburys this morning (I will get to grips with on-line shopping one day, I'm sure) I made a few observations.

1) Why do long lost friends discover each other while out shopping and block aisles for 15 minutes catching up with the past 36 years?

2) Why doesnt the person in front no longer pocess the common courtesy of putting that thingy bobby between their shopping and my shopping on the till conveyor belt?

3) Why, when the cashier asks if you need help packing (and I answer no) does she fling my shopping at lightening speed and get much enjoyment watching my shopping crumple in a big heap at the bottom of the till?

4) Why are carrier bags litterally glued tightly shut while trying to act all calm and collected while No 3 is happening?

5) Why are the fruit and veg section of the supermarket such a nightmare area - with gormless men standing next to trolleys blocking anything I need to have access to?

6) Why is there always an empty, nearly fully loaded shopping trolley left abandoned in the toilet roll aisle?

7) Do I have a life after noticing this while shopping in Sainsburys?

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Hun, this is why On-line shopping was intented.

Having said that, they realised that it was far too easy to shop on line and that they had to make it more difficult or the shops would be empty. And so came to pass that you would order 3kgs of apples rather than three, you would buy the smallest bottle of Olive oil in existance, the one thing you desparately needed would be out of stock and the delivery driver would deliver right at the end of the slot when you were desparate for the pizza you were going to have for tea .

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