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snow raven


Well, after numerous cancellations (sp), and general NHS co ck ups*, Granddad finally had his op today to remove the tumour in his bowel. So far, its successful, and he should be out of ICU on thursday.

*missing notes, cancelled operations, missing blood tests, incorrect information - but hey, the service is free! (minus the £200000 (slight exageration?) he has paid over the years with tax and national insurance)

The one staggering thing I have learnt today though is, there are 6 ICU beds in the whole of Bexley, which has - well, tens of hundreds of people living there.... how do they cope?

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well thats great news Lee and i hope he makes a speedy recovery, as for the politics of the NHS well thats not looking like recovering so well. anyway, thank goodness all went well and i am very pleased for you. best wishes to your grandad :)

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Ah, the NHS... a fantastic idea and something for this country to be truly proud of... once upon a time.

Hope your Grandad has a speedy recovery, hun.

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