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snow raven


Having read through my last few blogs, I am amazed by how miserable they are - so sorry for anyone feeling suicidal reading them. I have had a bit of a tough year so far, but the majority of crap has been my own doing; and strangely enough, I dont regret anything. (although I feel the anti depressants and counselling sessions may have something to do with that statement :nonono: ) Seriously, I have lived my life for me, and if thats a selfish, nasty thing, then so be it. Life is for living, and thats exactly what I am going to do :cray:

I've had highs, and I have had major lows - but I have got through them. And as corny as it sounds, it has made me a stronger person. By jove - I managed to fill my car water squirters up without the aid of a man this afternoon - that has to be progress.

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stay positive...get your mind into things you enjoy.Have goals...best wishes

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Brill - you'll be changing your Oil and Filters next SR ;) . In all seriousness, I completely know where your coming from, what with the AD's etc. Had it tough when we found the Land our house was sitting on wasn't in our name, which really knocked me for 6. Just remain as positive as you can and you'll get through things, you'll then look back and wonder what all the fuss was about :) . Take care.



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