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Ben (or dopey chops)

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snow raven


Ben, one of the family dogs was knocked down and killed by a car yesterday. He was such a happy, trusting soul, bless him. The only comfort we can get is that it was instant, and he didnt suffer. He escaped by a complete accident, and was making his way to the field opposite mum and dads house. He was missing only for a few minutes as his coat was still dry when Dad found him in the middle of the road, even though it was raining lightly.

We are, naturally cut up by the premature death, but his brother Bill ( - as in Bill and Ben the flower pot men!) seems to be OK so far. Just keeping an eye on him, and of course giving him extra fuss.

I know a lot of people will think its just a dog - but to us, he was a member of the family. God bless Ben (dopey chops) July 1997 - Aug 2007 xxx

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