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oh life!

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hi all, first sympathies to all those flooded, is there an end to this rain, i don't think so :nonono:

the only things that like this rain as far as i can see is, slugs, snails, worms, our fish and frogs!! as i speak its raining again quite heavy, at this rate we will have summer at xmas and that will make us aussie lol

on a lighter note, my eldest daughter braved the rain last night to get the latest harry potter book, she went to FROME ok cool not! and queued outside wh smiths only to see the wild side of life, (which bless her had never seen before), im a northerner so im used to it! but anyway, she saw some police action, she says a teenager no older than 14 was p........ed as a fart, and began frightening the young kids waiting, and then a police van turned up, with a young woman pc, whom to the teenager was fair game, he started trying to head butt her and was swearing at her, she then got him in a headlock and it was game over for him, but fight! he really did, they got him in the van, even then he was bashing about like a good un (local dialect!) the policewoman then turned around, to the crowd and got a huge applause! and she replied police, camera, action. :cray:

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