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Foot wear and driving. Oh, and teeth.

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snow raven


I know I can drive* a car wearing high heels and platform shoes**. Tonight, however, I found out I can't drive wearing flip flops. Its nothing to do with being cut short height wise by 3.75", but more to do with the fact that flip flops rendered my feet useless. The soles of my feet may as well have been injected with anesthetic. I drove home in bare feet.

As for teeth, mini raven has her first wobbly tooth, and boy, dont we know about it. Its currently hanging on by a thread, being wobbled this way and that. She asked me to pull it out tonight, but I nearly fainted on the spot. Did I really want to train as a nurse?


* I use that word loosely

** when the spice girls were in fashion

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Yep. I discovered the art, or lack of art, of driving in flip flops last summer :mellow: .

Apparantly, driving bare footed is illegal - or I'm gullible to what someone told me.

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