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Exams And More Exams!

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A bit of a hectic period recently- with 9 exams in 3 weeks! Last week was particularly tough with 4 exams, this week has 3 and next week has 2, so it does get progressively less difficult.Spare time was difficult to come by last week, but I made sure I had at least a couple of hours per day free for relaxation and recreation. With four exams, it was vital to get the preparation done. Doing Environmental Mathematics, I have had a mix of both Environmental Science and Mathematics exams, the ES exams last week went well but the Maths ones were decidedly iffy. Fortunately today, I had a Maths exam that seemed to go much better than the others so far.Anyone else been in the situation of needing a 2-1 or better for their hoped-for career prospects? It certainly applies in my case.So why did I make sure I had free time? Well, in my experience, following on from the earlier touching upon the subject with Katie, the amount of time spent working vs amount of work done follows a linear relationship up to a point, then above that point the more time you spend 'working', the less work you get done per unit time. In other words, I would much rather spend 3 hours revising and 3 hours enjoying myself, than spend all 6 of the hours revising at 50% of the 3-hour productivity rate: the same amount of work gets done, but in a manner that wastes 3 hours of potential recreation time. (I also believe a similar thing applies to business and refutes many of the traditional arguments for long working hours, but that is an altogether more complex and contentious issue)Okay, so that was pretty mathematical, but then again I am a partial Maths student! Otherwise, I have been chatting to some people in my corridor on occasion (including a game of Frustration, a board game which is a delightful 'throwback' to my earlier childhood) and designing levels for the computer game Doom 3.So why write this during my exam period? Well I've given myself much of the rest of today off, so I frequented the forum somewhat more...

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