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Odd Weather

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Tornado surprise sweeps county

A Shropshire man today spoke of his amazement at seeing a 1,500ft “tornado” sweeping across the county during the weekend’s stormy weather.

Steve Groves saw the freak weather system from his home in Broseley on Saturday at about 5pm and believes it hit the Ironbridge area.

He said: “I watched the rotation get faster and faster and then I could see wisps of cloud towards Ironbridge.”

Meanwhile, Shropshire and Mid Wales are set for another week of “atrocious” weather with more torrential rain, thunder and lightning.

John Warner, Shropshire Star weatherman, says it will get worse before it gets better.

He said: “By Saturday, we could be in for drier weather, but before then, it is going to be a pretty atrocious week.”

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