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Hurrah! The weekend is hereMega busy again this week, didn't leave work until after 6.30pm last night but managed to avoid having to go in today, so it was worth the extra effort :) The weather is dry and sunny, if a little windy so I think I better get out and start mowing the lawn soon (it seriously needs a hair cut - as I do)Although I may get hubbie to do it because my kidney has started to grumble again and I don't want to be unable to work next week. I think the stress of work has contributed to it playing up. Strange how stress can affect your body so much :o I am definately going to ring my brother today and sort out going to stay with him in London. Little fella has been begging me to go again cos he wants to go on the train :( Last time hubbie got stuck on the train putting us on and ended up going to Doncaster and having to catch a train back :D The train had been jam packed, I was so glad I had booked a seat, it was bad enough having to have little fella on my knee but he kept himself busy by putting the rubbish in the bin. Soon the whole carriage was giving him their rubbish to put in the bin. He has a way with people, especially women. On their way out 3 women said "Bye bye Milo, it was very nice to have met you" It's the big blue eyes :blink: Anyway back to Cbeebies :angry:

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