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A Little Vent

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Now i dont want to sound a little heartless but ive been thinking about this maddie case.yes its sad she has gone missing,she shouldnt have been left alone but thats something her parents have to live with now.

but is really getting to me now is the constant time its on the news/tv/radio.I know the parents want to find her as would any parent.

I feel so sorry for the parents of other missing children and there hundreds of them,how do they feel now??? are they not good enough as they are not high paid professionals? they must feel terrible some prob never even got a mention to there missing child.For instance anyone remember ben needham it was given a bit of time on the tv for him.but nothing like the maddie case.

Let maddies parents go on the venture to find there girl ,now we dont need it televised we all know what she looks like now.

sorry if i sound harsh , its just how i feel.

Loz x

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