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I received a PM this morning. I shall keep the name of the author private in case Mr L is reading in his Yorkshire home, but it went:-"Dear OON, I see that you haven't updated your blog recently. This makes me very sad because I find it so entertaining and feel that in some small way, it brings me closer to you, which is all I really want"How can I ignore such a plea?Went to Appleby's Co-op today and thought I'd just walked into 1970's Russia......awful shop. I got so fed up half way round that I left my trolley in the middle of an aisle and walked out. Got home and realised I'd left my wallet and mobile phone in the trolley too. Bugger. Playing tennis tonight if anyone wants to come and watch.....Arnside vs Kirkby Stephen B. My serve obviously made an impact on the opposition last year as they said I was the biggest ham sandwich they'd ever played against.

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So did you get your wallet/phone back then?

If not you'll be onto your 3rd phone in a few months after the greener incident :unsure:

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Ah yes....phone and wallet placed safely in the safe of the shop, for which I am grateful. However, how a shop can stock four different types of pickled onion yet not have any Andrex Aloe Vera toilet roll is still beyond me.

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